1. What is the MASA application?

MASA technology solution to help disperse the RT-PCR sampling process in large-scale COVID-19 screening, developed by a team of experts from:
Center for Science and Biotechnology, University of Science, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City
Military Medical Research Institute, Military Medical Academy
GaraSTEM Education Technology Joint Stock Company and HL Solutions software company.
MASA makes it easy for users to access the COVID-19 screening PCR test service without having to go to a centralized laboratory/sampling point. Users can register a request to receive a home sampling kit, take samples by themselves according to instructions, send samples to the laboratory, record GPS location of the tested person, update shipping status – analysis testing of patient samples, view test results and manage your test results.
MASA also has the feature of displaying a map of positive samples, helping users to know if they have detected positive cases around them. This application also allows to scan the Barcode or QR code of the patient sample with the phone and put it directly into the program to transfer to the system.

2. When do I need to use the MASA app?

When you have a need to determine the possibility of Covid virus infection at your unit or at home without going to the laboratory or gathering in large numbers at centralized sampling places. Help you save costs, time and reduce the possibility of infection for you.

3. Benefits of MASA application?

You need to use MASA during the current epidemic period, because:
– Through the MASA application, millions of RT-PCR test samples for COVID-19 screening can be obtained overnight by dispersing the entire sampling to each person, house, company or office starting from self-sampling instructions. Thanks to that, without having to mobilize medical staff who are straining to treat serious patients.
– People taking samples by themselves will help reduce the work load for medical staff at epidemic centers, so that it can prioritize the maximum allocation of medical staff to the treatment force to manage patients at risk of disease. critical to minimize casualties.
– Make it easy for people to access the COVID-19 screening PCR test service anytime, anywhere without having to go to a centralized laboratory/sampling point, thereby saving effort and waiting time, minimize the risk of cross-contamination, especially in areas with high risk of community transmission.
– Solution to display a map of locations with COVID-19 positive cases, help people know at-risk areas and managers to understand the epidemiology, as a basis for appropriate intervention solutions. timely appropriate.
– Large-scale PCR test thanks to MASA solution to help screen and ensure safety against possible cross-infection in essential activities involving many participants such as vaccination, factories, businesses, offices , meetings, etc. or those who are forced to move to deploy essential services.
– The MASA solution helps maintain regular screening and PCR testing, ensuring long-term safety and prevention when reopening socio-economic activities, achieving the “dual” goal.

4. Do I have to pay to request a home sampling kit?

You will pay the cost of the home sampling kit. Costs such as transportation and sample management are included and completely free for users.

5. How can I pay the fee?

Users can pay the costs through online payment via payment gateway or directly in cash to the delivery staff.

6. Why does MASA ask for permission to access photos, media and files?

First, it should be confirmed that MASA only uses the “file access” permission to save the Barcode and QR Code when you choose to save the image and record the contact history of your requests as well as the test results of those times. device memory.
However, according to Google’s policy, any app that requests “access to device” permission will automatically ask to “allow access to photos, media, and files” even if the that application (including MASA) does not use the remaining permissions.
You need to grant permission to be able to save Barcode, QR Code request history.

7. Does MASA track users’ locations?

MASA does not record the user’s location. MASA only uses the user’s location to assist in tracking the delivery and receipt of samples of the delivery staff to you for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the delivered packages. However, the MASA application does not store and track this information after the activity.

8. Does MASA store user information?

MASA only saves user information registered to use the application and saves historical data of user requests as well as test results of requests for users and health authorities to monitor. .
User’s data for analysis and tracing of infections and suspected cases will be stored and kept confidential and used only for the purpose of helping people protect their health and fight epidemics, absolutely do not use them. for commercial purposes, without infringing on privacy. Refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for details.

9. Can I change my personal information and application password?

Users can completely change their personal information as well as account passwords at MASA application.