Instructions for taking samples for testing of pharyngeal and nasopharyngeal fluid

Health advice and emergency support for F0 people isolated at home
If you have any of the following symptoms such as fever over 38ºC, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of smell/taste, chest pain, chest heaviness, feeling short of breath, contact a healthcare provider via call center 1022 (dial 3. for advice from the Medical Association of Ho Chi Minh City or number 4 for advice from the “Companion Doctor”).
When there are signs of serious change such as shortness of breath manifested by shortness of breath, rapid breathing more than 30 times/minute, lethargy, lethargy, cyanosis of lips, extremities, SpO2 < 95% (if there is a Sp02 measuring device at home) ) then immediately contact the hotline 115 or the phone number of the ward, commune, district, district quick response team for emergency treatment and timely transportation to the hospital.