MASA distributes the whole sampling to each person, house, company or office starting from self-sampling instructions. The solution set includes technology to support registration of self-sampling, organization of testing. , connecting laboratories, shipping, sample delivery and application results.The technologies used in the MASA solution are based on new platforms being used today such as NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, …

Some of the main technologies applied in the MASA solution include:

1. QR code technology
Technology to identify patient samples, store some information from the sender of the test sample, update and verify the identity of the sender of the sample as soon as the sample is taken by a volunteer

The QR Code system also helps to store volunteers’ information, in order to retrieve information when needed.”

2. BARCODE . Technology
Barcode system helps manage and synchronize patient samples with the database of medical facility systems. From there, propose solutions to help distribute patient samples to the nearest medical facilities to reduce testing pressure on frontline facilities.

3. Combination of QR Code & Barcode technology
In order to effectively prevent the spread of the disease, QR Code technology and Barcode technology help speed up the RT-PCR testing process, providing highly accurate results and in a short time. This helps the competent agency to trace the disease more effectively, and is also one of the solutions to check the epidemic is spreading strongly in big cities and industrial zones throughout the country.